Incorporated as an LLC on November 5 2009, FoleyPLEX LLC was started to help business and people take the complexity out of the IT world. As time has gone on and FoleyPLEX has been taking the complexity out of the IT world for business our services have escalated due to client demand. Our services now cover every aspect of Network existence, from ground-up deployments of physical and logical domains, Secure Network Administration, Domain and IP rollovers, ISP rollovers, DNS, Clustering, Virtualization, Secure Off-Site Storage of data, all the way through to full blown Manager of Information Systems consulting services.

About FoleyPLEX Network Security

Through a carefully woven web of partnerships and agreements our full time staff of Network Engineers are quickly expandable in any situation to cover nearly any contingency we might face. These arrangements cover the gamut from expanded Basic Network Administration, Web Development and Administration, CAT6, Power, and Fiber installations, all the way up to and including intimate and dependable contracts in some the largest IP telephony servicing firms. There are a few aspects that we will not subcontract and that is sensitive data and security. The information will be handled by a direct hire of equal competency and reliability.

Whether you wish to use just one of our services on a short hourly basis or to contract with us for full-fledged IT Administrative Oversight we can deliver exactly what you need. We work with clients who have existing IT departments as well as some who have none outside of ourselves. In every case we define our boundaries well ahead of time.

Vendors We Support

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